• Wine Cellar Collection

    Please consider donating a bottle of wine (90 pts or more) to the Wine Cellar Collection that will be raffled off at the 16th Annual LJUMCNS Gala and Auction May 10th. The Lucky Winner will go home with the ENTIRE Wine Collection!

  • The 16th Annual Gala & Auction

    May 10th, 2014 – The LJUMCNS 16th Annual Gala & Auction will be held on May 10, 2014. The theme for this year’s event is British Invasion, which will celebrate 50 years of The Beatles in the U.S., mod fashions and all things British! The evening will include a silent and live auction, dinner and dancing.

  • Little Gardeners, Big Givers

    The nursery school students at the La Jolla United Methodist Church started a garden and farmers market after hearing the story of Beatrice’s Goat. The children help plant, tend and harvest the garden and send all market proceeds to Heifer International.

  • The Nursery School of La Jolla United Methodist Church is sponsored by and reflects the Church’s mission to serve families, especially during early childhood when the basic patterns for coping with life are formed. Our program considers the developmental needs of children in physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual growth as an interrelated and continuous process.

    Our goals for children include providing experiences of acceptance, growth and trust, awareness and knowledge of the world in which they live, coping with and making decisions about their relationships to that world, living successfully and creatively with both their potentials and limitations, and learning independence, sharing and tolerance. The school offers a developmental play-based program, providing experiences and materials for children to co-construct knowledge about themselves, others and the world in which we live. Inspired by the work of educators in Reggio Emilia, Italy, we encourage children to express their ideas and understandings through art, dramatic play, stories, music and block building. The teachers document the children’s learning in order to help the children and each other discover…. “What’s next?” Extending projects over time and watching curriculum emerge from the interests of the children, teachers and parents makes learning during this period of a child’s life real and relevant, fun and exciting ! Above all, we are dedicated to the nurturing, growth and happiness of children.

    We are licensed by the California State Department of Social Services. Our staff meets the professional requirements set by this department.


    *All dates are subject to change.

    5YC = 5 Day Yellow Cottage Class

    5AM = 5 Day morning Class in the Art Studio

    3PM = 3 Day Afternoon Class in the Big Room

    4PMS = 4 Day Afternoon Class in the Studio

    4PMT = 4 Day Afternoon Class in the Tidepool Room

    3AM = MWF classes in the Big Room

    2AM = T/Th classes in the Big Room

    MW Play = Monday / Wednesday Playgroup Classes

    T/Th Play = Tuesday / Thursday Playgroup Classes

  • LJUMCNS ANNUAL Gala - Auction - Saturday, May 10th